Monday, June 8, 2009

Gear Creator MEL Script

This is a MEL script I created over 4 months time.
The purpose of this script is to provide an effective and efficient way to create chains of gears that consistently have their teeth meshed together.
These chains are rigged on the fly to animate with their teeth meshing together.

You can download this script by clicking the following link:
Download The Gear Creator MEL Script

To view the Tutorial Video for this script click the following link:
Tutorial Video

The Gear Creator can create 2 different types of gears with 3 different materials:
Spur Gear(left) and Face Gear(right)

Also note the circles between each gear. These are orientation controls that allow you to rotate one gear around another, keeping their teeth meshed in real time!
Steel(left), Bronze(middle), and Wood(right)

There are two creation modes in the Gear Creator:

Gear By Gear provides in-viewport sizing controls for each gear.
Each new gear will stay attached to the previous one.

Random Gear which can create a chain of any number of gears with random gear type, material, size, and position.

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